Thursday, October 8, 2009


Another week flies off into the unknown and Im barely eeking out an existence!!! Where have all the minutes gone?? I know ive existed through a few of them....

When in doubt I go back to the trusted diary and find a moment where I felt like I learnt/saw/felt or drew something!! This time its 'saw'... as I had a look at my first event on the Art +About October calendar for this year.

If you have been able to procure a brochure you would have seen page upon page of public art event listings - which has taken this years festival to another level of excellence! I swear its truly commendable what the City of Sydney is doing for Art + About .... I have to take my proverbial hat off to them!!

This week - being a non-existent week for me- Ive only seen one thing so far.... being the Open Street Gallery which hangs throughout the streets of the city as flag art. This years theme is Nothing Lost-Nothing is Nothing-We are Nothing. Which I admit sounds grim... but it truly isn't, as 10 new works from Aboriginal artists living in NSW are displayed. Dion Mundine the curator states:

What we draw on from our memories, and think, imagine and create in our daily lives is our our art is the spirit of these seemingly common everyday experiences in and from the land we belong to.

Artists such as Elaine Russel, Harry Wedge, Adam Hill and Frances Bell look at 'Landscape' and the histories and experiences they have lived through while being an Indigenous Australian. They are beautiful artworks and as they float and swing above us on the light poles they weave another beautiful dimension and tapestry into the grey + somber roads of the inner city. When your next in town...look up!!
While on the subject of Aboriginal art it seems my little blog is getting air play in places such as Ernabella in the Northern Territory... and Warnum in Western Australia!!! Very happy about that fact... And from these places I was given a reminder of the beautiful country that we live in and the talented artists that work here ...

This image of the red earth {below} is from Ernabella thanks to RM... {I do believe its mirroring my photo essay on my walk with the dog in the wet the other day and all the images I took of the plant life!!! Correct me if Im wrong Miss R!}

The images below are from Darwin and the announcement of the 26th National Telstra Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islands Award that has just been announced. Miss Caz was at the award with Lena Nyadbi - who is featured in the photos with her work Dayiwul 2009 which made the finals.

Unfortunately Lena did not pick up the prize -

The major prize going to Danie Mellor's work on paper 'From Rite to Ritual' 2009...{below}

But as you can see from the photos, Lena's work is truly beautiful, capturing the unique style of the peoples from the Warnum lands...

Thanks for the beautiful images Miss C!!

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