Friday, February 12, 2010

a week in images....

After the rain
comes the waterfall
such a beautiful insight to see after walking
down the bush track to the studio this week....
Not very 'Sydney' is it?
Would never know that these kind of sanctuaries
still exist in the middle to town!
Love it...

Drawing drawing drawing...
all this week
A little burnt out today
but excited by where my work is heading....
colour. line. landscape.

Well it has officially opened its beautiful big doors and it is truly spectacular!
The new Gaffa Gallery in Clarence st opened last night with a big bang..
and it is truly a space for the
Sydney art community to be proud of!
More in keeping with Melbourne,
its 4 floors are an explosion
of creativity, experimentation
discovery and learning!
Congrats kelly and the whole team!
I cannot wait to show there in May!

On a sad note...

Ive just awoken this morning to the sad news that Alexander McQueen died last night...
Such a huge loss to the creative and fashion industry as he was completely unique
An innovator
A visionary
He always pushed the boundaries of what we perceive fashion to be...
Alexander Mcqueen

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