Tuesday, March 2, 2010

s p a c e .


space to live

to breath

to exercise

to relax

to piss

to sleep

to eat

to work

to be.

Space is such an important thing for any living thing on this lovely blue planet, and especially important for any working artist that strives to eek out a tiny existence with which to be creative! We all talk about how we need more cubic metres to play in, but when you log onto the selby blogsite to take a voyeuristic look at how artists, designers + creatives live+work in places such as New York, Tokyo and London, I feel like Sydneysiders have absolutely nothing to complain about!
We have the better deal in this harbour city....
Case in point, the studio apartment of artist Stephen Power aka ESPO.

Stephens space is absolutely crammed with books,Biro's, sketches, posters, bikes and just STUFF!!

Every wall is completely covered and to draw or paint he dons a white lab coat and mask to survive the fumes! No ventilation here! I guess oil paints are out....

Bikes on the wall.... Vinyls on the floor and milk crates as storage....
Very clever use of the make do mentality!

Ahhh the plastic cups for mixing paint. I know this well.... There is no getting around this kind of clutter when you're painting. Makes for a great photograph though...

And now to London with Gary Card and Henderson Mccue's split level flat in London....
I love the rows of shoes on the stairs!
Anything and everything is storage and display!

They seem to be great collectors of 21st c. debris too... Anything can and will be a collection, even the humble rubber bands that make a great sculpture....

Love this image of the sliding pile of stuff!
Always difficult to keep steady a collection of things looks like its been in existence for a wee while! Great platforms and plastic fantastic rubbery figurines.... This place definitely has many colours and they seem to both love Japanese toys....

Love this image. Some beautiful sketches on the wall and they have truly used every inch possible with which to hang.... Great sewing machine too, which reminds me that I have to take mine to be repaired!!

Oh the stuffed bookcase ! How I know thee! Before I upgraded to my $40 white bookshelf, my old wooden model was looking something like the image above!! Its the big brother to my tiny version.... {Ive posted an image of it at the beginning of this post if you would like to know what my version looked like circa 2007!}
It's the subtle art of balancing.... great skill to have, especially if you love big hardcover art publications!!!
Thank you to the selby for the use of their images....

And i hope you enjoy the spaces that you inhabit today!

And for anyone interested to a brilliant exhibition of jewellery, the exhibition Profile 10 opens tonight at Studio 20/17 at Danks st Waterloo at 6pm. It will features many contemporary Australian jewellers who all belong to the JMGA (Jeweller+Metalsmiths association)

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