Friday, May 7, 2010

in the beginning...

White Light, mixed media on paper, 2010

Im sorry.
I have to apologise now for my behaviour.
I have to say off the bat that I am officially one tired tiny today.
It was at the opening of the brilliant Make Believe exhibition at Gaffa gallery last night and I did a lot of talking, standing, listening + looking! It was a fantastic turnout for one of the best group shows Ive been involved in, so it was a well deserved crowd of well wishes and art lovers that turned up last night.

But why I'm apologising is that I was going to take some photos of the show for you to peruse, and my camera did not see the light of night! Not even one image... which is bad on my part. I will rectify the situation in the coming days with some shots of the works in a nice quiet gallery stay tuned! But needless to say the works are all brilliant. From the photography of Gabe Clark + Andy Stevens, to the amazing jewellery of George Plionis, Jane Bowring + Jess Paige, the miniature sculptures of Penny Snars... I could go on and on...
And I will when you have some shots to look at!
In the meantime Ive posted up another large drawing of mine from the show... Its now framed and I'm happy with it... Hope you like it too!

On another note...
The 17th Biennale of Sydney opens in exactly one weeks time, and from my sources on the inside, it is all hectic and happening, as international artists', curators and critics start flying into town. If you head to the Biennale website you will be able to start exploring and reading about future exhibitions + talks that you would like to see....

But one event I'm curious about is Superdeluxe@ Art, a Toyko-based arts night that was established in 2002, to host live music, experimental art + performances. It should be an interesting night to check out over the course of the Biennale.
It opens next Thursday (13th May) at Artspace in Woolloomooloo and bookings can be made here.

Enjoy your weekend....
and ill see you on the other side
when I'm not such a tired tiny!

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