Friday, June 11, 2010

so long....

the journey is now over...
And my time at the lovely Primrose studios
comes to an end
this weekend....
I'm sad but an ending is always
a beginning...
The exhibition finishes today
And Angela and I have had a blast..
Meeting new people...
saying hello to good friends
as they pay us a visit..
And receiving some lovely compliments
and conversations...

I could not have asked for more!
I feel very blessed indeed!
So the big pack up begins in earnest
on Saturday
and by Monday I will be officially couch surfing!!
Have a brilliant Queens Birthday weekend
Enjoy the lovely crisp winter air
and long sunny spells....
And ill see you next week
when a new chapter in my tiny life

1 comment:

Corinne said...

And what a wonderful journey it has been!
Well done, my dear, you should feel proud.

And, yes, don't look at it as an ending, but an exciting new beginning!