Monday, June 14, 2010

h o n o u r ....

Morning all!
I hope no one here is too upset this morning.... Especially after the thumping the Socceroos received against Germany in the World Cup game at 4am!
They delivered a lesson that is for sure!!

I don't often talk about my love of sport on this blog! Probably because it seems to be the yang to all the art, design, and craft ying in this blog! I guess the only correlation that I can find between the two subject areas is that they are passionate pursuits for people.

And for me.? Well..I love both equally... just not here on this tiny blog!

Anyway......getting back to the honour that i alluded to earlier...

So by now you know that my 6 month residency concluded this weekend... very sad! It was a long and exhausting two days of packing up, cleaning up and sorting out, that has left me alittle shattered to say the least! But i cannot complain, especially with the news that I received on Friday.

It was the last day of the show and it was a busy afternoon, with many people coming in to catch a last look before I closed the doors at 5pm... It was so great to say hello to everyone that came down unexpectedly, one of which was Narelle from the council who delivered the news that North Sydney Council was going to purchase one of my works from the exhibition! I was so shocked and completely honoured ...

The work they have bought is the one above... Mosaic Movements (Diptych) 2010

I am very excited and humbled, as many people will be able to look at it within the chambers!

Very lovely way to complete my time at Primrose indeed!


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