Friday, September 24, 2010

And so it begins!

What a massive weekend of art events!
Over the next two days it is as if the city will explode with art, craft , drawing and design...
There is so so much to choose from that its hard to remember all the events that you can get involved in!
Above is the beautiful invite for the crafternoon workshops and exhibitions, that are being held in conjunction with Object Gallery's Spring Series and the City of Sydney's Art+About festival... The crafternoon events, being held in Hyde Park on Saturday and Sunday, look like so much fun! And with this beautiful sunny weather, I'm sure it will be filled with many people getting their craft on!

The National Art School at Taylor Square is holding their annual art event called The Big Draw... that encourages people from all ages, and all walk of life, to pick up a pencil or drawing implement and get drawing. There are many events scheduled throughout Saturday, it will be a fun day for anyone up in the Oxford st area..and for anyone who maybe curious about the National Art School campus, which is one of Sydney most historic sites!

At Kinokuniya book store tomorrow there will be a 'sketch-off' between two amazing artists - Shaun Tan {who is one of my favourite illustrators}... and comic book artist W. Chew Chan! Brilliant idea for a drawing event and a great way to publicise Shaun's new book 'The Bird King' which I talked about just recently! Its already on my bookshelf !!

With all this drawing and crafting mania happening around the city, you may very well ask where I will be? What will I try and see?
None of the above!
Instead Ill be on Cockatoo Island participating in a drawing workshop being conducted by The National Art School! It runs for two days and is being taken by one of Australia's most celebrated contemporary artists... David Fairbairn! So I am very excited!

Ill share my experiences with you next week..
But for now...
good night and have an arty and sunny weekend!
take care...

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