Monday, September 27, 2010

A guide...

Afternoon y'all!!
How is everyone feeling??? Well I hope...??
In Sydney we experienced the most beautiful weekend of Spring weather that I have seen in a long long time!! I was outdoors...on an island...drawing... all weekend long!!
Needless to say...I AM POOPED!
Been a while since Ive been able to attempt something that physical..... So it was so fantastic and uplifting to get on that ferry, at dusk, on Sunday... and say...'yes! Ive done it!!'

Ill talk more about the workshop when I'm able to collect my thoughts. But in the meantime I thought Id just post this tiny list which made me laugh.... I found it via the lovely Pia... and it come from Sarah who is a photographer and has tumblr site called Dream Everyday.

I thought it was THE perfect list for an artist who is having a hard day and needs to remember...WHAT NOT TO DO...!! Its easy to get low and lost in a difficult industry like the arts... and Sarah knows that the most important thing is to stay true to yourself...your beliefs...your creativity... AND your sense of humour!!
And smile...!
{with alittle colour thrown in for good measure..x}

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Christine S said...

Hi Michelle
What a fantastic workshop on Cockatoo Island - great to meet you, youre a real inspriation. Checked out you artworks and really love the use of colour - which is what always draws me into a work.
Christine S