Wednesday, September 15, 2010

going retro....

Feeling a little lost today...
Many reasons why...
But when I experience these kinds of days
I find that the only way to move forward
is to remember where I've been!
{And I don't mean walking backwards!}
Sometimes I like to retrace my steps by doing a familiar walk,
a familiar activity, or visit a favourite place !....
Today it was all of the above!
I walked to my local library and immediately
felt a little better...
And I found a nook...
A place to sit with a lovely book in the sun...
And these are the photos I took...!
At the top is the 'phone corner'...
And is it not the most retro thing that you've seen for a while?!
I LOVE the speaking plastic bubble!
And the book I was perusing...?
Megan Morton's new book called
It's such a lovely book to look at
and this image from the book, above,
seemed to fit with the phone in a lovely retro kind of way!
Megan is an interesting styling maven
and if you're interested in knowing more,
I suggest reading this little interview

1 comment:

Corinne said...

I hope you found a little bit of comfort. x

I do love that phone!