Wednesday, October 13, 2010

d e d i c a t i o n.

Just had to post these...
as I was looking at them yesterday
with a good friend who had missed the exhibition earlier this year
and it was lovely to take a real good look at them again.

And on a sad note I would like to dedicate these two drawings to a dear woman who sadly passed away a few days ago. She was my first art + craft teacher from primary school and she was so so colourful, fun and vibrant, that it was hard to not be inspired by her! She taught me how to be truly creative and not be afraid of colour, texture and learning something new. I loved her classes each week and looked forward to hearing her intoxicating laugh.
She came to see my first solo exhibition a few years back and it was so great to let her know that her words all those years back had encouraged me to be an artist, and embrace colour and a sense of play.....just as she had.

I was so lucky to see her for the last time a couple of weeks back, and see she was still in high spirits. I was so so touched to hear her say that she was proud of me.
That is now a precious memory I will lovingly hold within me...
Thank you Lesley...
for everything.


Corinne said...

Oh what sad news! She certainly was colourful and vibrant.

michele aka the tiny said...

hi love...yeah I thought you'd find this ... I just found out this morning... very sad.

Anonymous said...

Hello Michelle,
just fund you via NAVA website... love you paintings and hope to be back to see more of your wonderful blog!