Friday, October 22, 2010

s p r i n g !

in Sydney!
It's here!
Lets hope it lasts...!
The last few days have brought
the most beautiful warm
and from my tiny vantage point here
on the grass in my backyard
i just had to take these shots
of the light....
of the colour...!
Can you see the mulberries in the tree?
They have decided to make an appearance this year!

the mailbox...
the lavender...

the colour....

the fruit!
I was inspired to take these shots after seeing the 101010 gallery blog which was a project initiated by Vic Hannam. Vic asked 10 photographers to take 10 shots on the 10/10/10 and post them on her blog. The participants shot all manner of places on the globe and their eye and take on 'the view' was diverse and beautiful...
Some of the creative people that participated were Pia Bijkirk (Amsterdam), Ebony Bizys (Tokyo), Kate Miss (NY) and Vic Hannam (London) and Jacinta Moore in Melbourne....
Its worth having a look
and possibly getting inspired
to take your own 10 shots this weekend
from wherever you may roam!

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