Tuesday, November 2, 2010

memory lane....

Dane Lovett, Last Days, 2010, Acrylic + Marker on Canvas

Now this is what I'm talking bout!
You know how I was rambling, yes rambling, to you about archival materials and describing the music term 'the dusty 45s'?? Well i thought I should elaborate to you, in painting form, and show you a true stroll down memory lane with the work of artist Dane Lovett.

Dane's latest exhibition at Chalk Horse gallery in Sydney was all about the material 'waste' that holds so so many memories for us, and is now becoming obsolete, lost + discarded....and only to be found on the side of the street.... or.....underneath the bed!

They are beautiful acrylic and watercolour paintings that truly represent a moment in time when technology consisted of a colour tv and a beat box! With maybe a few CDs and tapes thrown in for good measure...
Who would have thought that a painting of an old stereo would be so eerily beautiful....haunting even!

I know I still have a massive amount of tapes hidden in a draw, containing many classic movies and sitcoms from the late 80s and early 90s! A time when my brother and I would watch tv ad nauseum, till it was time for bed!
A big congratulations must also go to Dane, for winning the RBS emerging art prize with a this painting above, called Twelve Years 2010 ! Who said you can only win a painting prize with a landscape?!

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