Monday, November 15, 2010

a new dawn.....

Well.... it's a new week
and I'm all excited!
For one thing Ive finally given
my long hair the big chop,
so I'm feeling lighter
and more in tune
with the hot + humid air that has
decided to show its face in Sydney...!
I had my first salt water swim of the season
at the beach on the weekend...yay!
And thirdly I have a very exciting announcement...
I have just, at this moment, launched
Yep... that's right...
Ive opened an online store...
and just in time for Christmas!
{which was luck more than timing!!!}
I've been slowly setting it up and working on new pieces
and it now feels 'right'
to jump in the deep end and just do it!
I hope you enjoy it and I will be changing the
products regularly, so there will always be something new to look at!
The works are all hand made by this tiny
and will have either been shown in an exhibition,
such as the boat works on wood that you can see below...
they will be crafted items that I have just completed
in the studio, such as the new owl at the top of the post
and the woven bowl above....
If you are overseas are keen to buy anything you see,
please leave a comment and I can give you a quote for shipping
to your part of the globe!
But it is all a massive learning curve
so if you have any suggestions or thoughts
please let me know as I would love to hear them....
I hope you enjoy it!

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