Wednesday, November 17, 2010

guest role....

You know when you're watching
one of your favourite tv shows
and up pops another character
being played by some famous actor,
that is usually seen in the latest
Hollywood blockbuster?
They are only there for that one episode and
are killed off at the end of it, but it was sort of fun
seeing them play a different role?
Well... in some strange way that is what I'm doing today...
I'm appearing as a guest on another blog today!!!
A old old friend of mine asked if I could write a post
about 'pure delight' and what it means to me...
I won't tell you now...
you have to click onto Corinne's
lovely blog to find out...
but these images give you a big clue!!!
Her blog is called The Daze of my Life and
it was so lovely to be asked to contribute!
thank you rin...


allison tait said...

I read your guest post and can really relate. I love your blog header. Just beautiful.

allison tait said...

PS: Mentioned you at the Fibro today. :-)

Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Not too much of the 'old, old' ok?