Friday, November 26, 2010

the world keeps spinning....

I have to say that this week has been one of high highs and low lows...
One of those weeks that has spun me around 360 degrees and then asked me to keep it together and keep moving!
Some would call that motherhood!
But seriously... I have had some surprises this week, and what, you may ask did I do to keep myself sane?
In a word... draw!
It's like they say in Zen philosophy, 'remain calm and bring everything back to zero'. Zero could be as simple as just breathing or being still and silent. However zero for me is drawing!

Ive been so so lucky to have had some lovely people ask for new artworks this week, which came as a welcome and happy surprise. I had requests for embroideries, for drawings on wood, and for paintings. And in amongst all these 'proper' artworks, Ive also been playing!
And let me tell you...playtime is not only for the little people, playtime IS one of the best ways to chase the serious adult away!!

One of the things that came out of my playtime in the studio was this 3D drawing which I'm calling 'where clouds come to play.'

Yes I know - I sound like I'm high and been smoking the wacky tobaccy, but I'm being serious!This work is purely about letting the mind wonder, and seeing what comes from making an artwork with no boundaries or constraints such as....
Why should a drawings be flat?
Why can't rainbows be in an artwork without thoughts of pink fairies, and Rainbow Bright toys!!

What I was thinking was that Id love to draw onto a porcelain vase!
Now that would be something different!

Inside the tube I painted the surface green and then transcribed a poem...
The thought being that behind every facade there is something deeper, lying within...

And again.... I loved playing with the blues and greens in my pencil case!

And there you have it...!
One tiny.... flippin' out!
Seriously...I hope you like my playtime piece and I hope this weekend finds you in a painting smock with a big grin on your face, having fun!
I know I will be...

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