Tuesday, November 23, 2010

guesting...guesting...check 1...2....

How lucky am i!!
Two weeks in a row!!
Last week I let you know about a guest post that I wrote for the lovely Corinne and her blog 'The Daze of my Life'. This week I had the honour of writing a guest piece for the amazingly talented jeweller Zoe Brand!
If it doesn't rain it pours...
Zoe is super busy...curating and managing The Keeper Gallery space at Gaffa Gallery, managing of the brilliant Sterling Store, also at Gaffa, making + exhibiting her jewellery, AND writing a blog called Maker-Wearer-Viewer which asks artists to talk about what they wear, make and look at!
That's alot for one lady!
Thankyou Zoe for asking me to be a part of your busy little world!!
I loved doing it and if you would like to have a read of my ramblings, you can have a look here.
I hope you enjoy your wanderings...
through Zoe's great blog!

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