Friday, December 24, 2010

ho ho ho....

Happy Christmas Eve
In Sydney it is warm
shiny and colourful...
And I'm excited for the holidays
to begin...!
These are just a few
of the lovely cards
I received this year...
Thank you everyone!
And these are some of the gifts
and treats that I received today...
{mainly because I went into work
for a few short hours in the morning!}
The earrings are by a Canberra based
jeweller...{thankyou George!}
The crayon, yes crayon, lemon yellow ring
is from the lovely jess...
And the woollen neck piece was created
by the same Jess Page!
I have it on now...and I LOVE the colours!
And these are the objects!
Woven pink basket from Ky....
and a nanoblock pig building block set from Japan!!
{now that is something Ive never seen before!}
The raffia and wool basket {below left} is by Sheena Dodd
from Tjampi Desert Weavers....and was purchased
as a sneaky gift to me, myself + i!
And the tiny white ceramic pourer is by Cath O'Gorman
and is a Christmas
gift from Object!
How lucky am i...??
So many colours...
so many textures...!
I am one lucky lady...

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