Tuesday, January 18, 2011


January in Sydney...
People trying to squeeze every last bit of summer into their holidays
with kids running around...
high on sugar
looking for anything that will make them forget
that the new school year is just around the corner!

January is also Sydney's high tourist season, and they are an easy group to spot with their pale winter skin, 'walking sandals', backpacks and maps. They are mainly centralised around the city and more specifically... Circular Quay! This is one place that most locals avoid during this time of year, especially around The Passenger Terminal where the massive cruise liners port! The area is a hive of activity, and last Saturday I threw myself into the mix as I was on a stroll to The Sydney Theatre Company, to see The Sydney Festival performance of My Bicycle Loves you, which by the way was bloody brilliant!!!

But getting back to the Cruise Liners.....
I decided to take my camera for a spin and give you my first Sydney Stroll for 2011, as I love looking at the colours, lines and sheer scale of these massive boats!
I hope you enjoy the tour...

And yes it was HUGE!!

The colours on the ropes and the colours on the flags
were the little details that I noticed...

And then there is the symmetry and patterns!

Love the clear, sky blue of the glass
contrasted with the bright 'safety' orange of the life boats.

So Ive taken you through the vessel...
from the front, the middle and now the back...
And WHAT a view from behind!!
Can't beat a perfect view of The Opera House!
I then walked around Hickson Road....

And found this beautiful shot!
The vines are growing right underneath The Bridge,
forming a beautiful shape that looks like a tree!
The red Vespa was a nice touch too!

And then I was where I needed to be.... at the performance for My Bicycle Love You! And let me tell you, I was thankful to get there, as by this point I was melting!! The day was hot and humid and all I was looking for was some shelter!!! Oh and some air-conditioning!!
But now its time to switch subjects and get to my exhibition listing for the day.
And this is a special one... for many reasons.
Firstly it is the inaugural exhibition for new Breathing Colours gallery owner Jess Page! Congratulations Jess and good luck!
The show is called Resolution and it is a fund raising exhibition to support the victims of the summer floods with a donation being made to the Australian flood relief Appeal from sales on the night.
It officially opens at 6pm tomorrow night in Balmain and it should be a great night!!
I will have a few of my works on the walls including this oil painting below called Land Connections 2010!

So I hope to see you there...

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