Saturday, January 1, 2011

pixelated memories of 2010

Oh Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you had a great night
wherever and however you decided to ring in
It seems I cannot stay away from the beach
and from this tiny computer!
Yesterday I really wanted to share my thoughts
on the year that was...
aka 2010.
But now it is the turn of my camera
to share its
favourite memories
and moments of last year!
If you would like to know more about
any of these images,
scroll down to the post from yesterday
and have a gander...
My favourite show of 2010...
The APT in Brisbane.
I loved the new Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane
and the show itself!
A truly brilliant exhibition...

From the quiet installations to the
crazy and fun crafty presentations,
we were blessed to experience some of the best
new art to come out of Asia
and the Pacific in the last few years!

A close second for me was The Sydney Biennale
and the portion that was presented at Cockatoo Island.
Below you see a sea of green

and when you arrived back to the mainland
you saw a scape of grey....

And then there was the work of Janet Laurence that
sat very happily in The Botanical Gardens!
I could NOT stop shooting this piece! My
camera was very happy indeed!
For design...I loved the tiny exhibition
at Object Gallery by Koskela.
Their collaborative light works
completed by the Galiwin'ku weavers from The Elcho Islands
were truly amazing!
For craft it had to be the 'We Craft this City'
workshops and exhibition at Object Gallery
that was part of the Spring Series of events.
Many people had ALOT of fun with wool, including
Hello Sandwich aka Ebony Bizys, who is one of the ladies
pictured in this shot above!
For texture and colour it had to be the BLUE
exhibition at Object which was also part of the Spring Series!
The blue vine work pictured above was by Emma Davies...
And then we come to favourite strolls of 2010,
and the images that were collected along the way!
This image above was a favourite! I know...I am odd!
But i love the quiet, the nostalgia, and the texture of this shot
taken on a stroll on Cockatoo Island...
The light of the harbour...
from Cockatoo Island.

This was the moment of the year!!
The light.... the cockatoo in flight!
It was pure luck and it was taken
late one afternoon in The Botanical Gardens.
And then there was my favourite stroll...
which was the bush track walk I took
nearly everyday to The Primrose Studios
while I was completing my residency there.
Most creative fun of the year???
The Primrose studio...of course!
Organised chaos!!
I was lucky to be in three
exhibitions this year...
and the image above comes from
'The Spirit of Place' residency exhibition.
A milestone for me....

It was so great to work with Angela Griffiths,
and in the end
our work did compliment each other....

Then there was the 'Say your Piece'
exhibition and my brooch...
that I was proud of as it was my first attempt
at making jewellery!

And my exhibition year started with my contribution to
the MAKE:believe exhibition at Gaffa Gallery,
with all the crew from Object Gallery...
which is always fun!
And now we are back to the beginning...
and another Sydney Festival!
It all kicks off next weekend,
introducing us to the creative new year of 2011!
Bring it on I say....!!

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