Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the yellow balloons return....

It's that time of year.... again!
How did it happen so quickly??!
It is indeed January... and in a few days time
will begin another big party around town by
rolling out a plethora of events
to shake people out of their New Years
Sydney is used to the tag of being the beach and
lifestyle capital of Australia! So every
January it tries to shake off this tag by
putting on its best tie and suit and going
to the theatre!!
But before ALL of that it is the illustrative and
commercial offensive that we see around the city...
i.e. the posters, the ads in the magazines
and the booklets that shout the festivals arrival!
And this year
the logo and title image was awarded to Marcela
Restrepo, a Colombian-born Sydney-based illustrator
with an eye for detail!
Marcela immigrated to Australia a few years ago
and already she is making a name for herself
as an amazing graphic designer and illustrator...

I mean...look at the detail in this hand drawn map!!
{You might need to zoom in on this!!}

Her work uses alot of colour, but in a restrained way, so as
to add an extra touch to her elaborate line work.

A great way to see more of her work is to purchase
The Design Files calendar that is being sold through
The Design Files website
and through Lamington Drive Gallery in Melbourne.
You can also see Marcela's work through
The Jacky Winter Group, based in Melbourne...

The 2011 calender by The Design Files
IS an illustrators dream, as
some of Australia's best designers have rendered their
local hoods to give you an insiders guide to their favourite haunts!
Marcela looked at some of Sydney's inner suburbs,
and again, the detail is amazing!

This drawing is a quirky and fun take on
Paddington Five-Ways in inner Sydney.
I can JUST see Gusto's deli cafe on the left!!

If you would like to know more about Marcela
and if you're in town
I suggest having a little look at the Sydney
Festival listing of events...
as it is
{But only if you can pry yourself off the beach towel!!}

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