Friday, January 7, 2011

Right! Time to....dream?!

What I meant to say is... Time to clean!
That's what I meant!!
It's January and in this tiny pocket of the globe it's summer..and a wet summer we're having too!
There is alot of grey, alot of rain and alot of humidity...
which all together means...
It's another day indoors...! Time to clean and get something done, especially as it is the new year, which ususally means new... and clean beginnings!
So ive been looking at my tiny spaces that i inhabit, and ive been down to the studio to sort and get ready for a commission that has a looming deadline. But what I haven't been able to do just yet is reorganise my stuff inside the house!
Maybe it's because it's too big a challenge??
Maybe Im still in summer beach mode?
Maybe im just lazy?
Maybe it's all of the above...!!
What I have been doing is dreaming...!
Dreaming of perfect spaces and places...
Dreaming of Tuscany!!
And this article from the tiny archives DOES NOT help!!
This beautiful home is from Inside Out magazine circa July 2003 and it is of a Tuscan farmhouse owned by Elena Barthel and styled by Tami Christiansen.

Elena is an architect and many of the pieces in her home have been salvaged or recycled.
So definitely my kind of home!
The farmhouse was previously uninhabitable until her father, Riccardo Barthel, restored and revived the place, as he runs an interior and architecture business, where Elena also works.

The space looks open and spacious, like a grand loft. And the big bookcase in this photo is so amazing, as it is a feature of the large room, but still looks warm and open....

The light in this image is so so beautiful...
The Tuscan hillside in the backdrop does make me dream!! I love the patio right outside the door, and the way the indoors and outdoors merge and blend with each other... with the use of wood tones, greens and an amazing light feature that looks like a plant!

This is my favourite shot! The textures, the old chairs, the farmhouse kitchen table, and the amazing old wooden kitchen cabinets!! Oh and the light fixture!! I LOVE it all!!
It all looks so inviting, with alot of character and warmth, and that lived in feel!

Great vege patch!!Imagine working in that...while looking out to THAT landscape in the distance?!

Now that's the way to use colour in the bedroom...
Love the bedspread...And the framed drawing used as a bed head!
Can YOU SEE the beautiful pair of painting overalls hung on the wall like art?!
Now that is the way to do it!!
Maybe while I'm cleaning I can find a wee bit of wall space with which to hang my yellow King-gee overalls???
Interesting thought....

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