Monday, February 7, 2011

Light work : Copenhagen

Well that is a weekend for the history books!
Never ending days of 30c + heat in Sydney, with Saturday reaching 42c!
It was exhausting and difficult to achieve anything... except reach over to the fridge for a cold drink or three! CRAZY!!

But its now 'back to business' Monday and Ive already been interviewed by a student for a major project, had some of my drawings critiqued, and seen a photography exhibition which was brilliant, picked up a drawing from the framers, AND, excitingly booked a flight for an overseas adventure! Phew...I'm making up for lost days in sweltering heat!

So today I thought Id post up another favourite article for the tiny archives....just to give myself a little break!
The year was 2005, the magazine was Inside Out, and the featured home was by Louise Campbell in Copenhagen.
The theme was white on white with a side order of colour accents...{seen in the image above}.
And it was beautiful...

Louise is a furniture designer from Denmark and her style is beach-side it is situated in a coastal fishing village, 45 minutes outside of Copenhagen.

Well I say beach-side villa, but her home definitely has a European twist on the theme!

Every type of material is used...from painted wood, metal, woven cloth, glass and plastic. And because of the white, it all blends together and looks fresh and comfortable, with a little colour to give just the right amount of quirk...

I love the row of photos placed above the desk, {in the image above} and the wire bag hung over the desk with a big metal hook! Clever...

So much beautiful light streaming in through the big windows...

And then you reach the bedroom door and find that all the white has been softened with lots of textiles and textures, as Louise has placed a whole lot of bed throws at the foot of the bed, which makes the space feel cozy and not overly neat and sterile, which can happen in a white room.
That is what I love about this place.

Slay bed.
Very lovely...

And even more lovely, is that Louise spray painted parts of the dark wood frame to accent the features and individualise it. Now that takes guts!

In the bathroom Louise strung up a large kettle from the ceiling, to sit right next to the bath. Amazing idea which adds a historical feel to the bathroom. I'm glad we don't have to boil hot water for the bath anymore, but I like the look of a big gun metal grey kettle in the space!
This is my favourite image.
The accessories on the light fixture, make it seem like a contemporary but fun re-styling of a chandelier! So clever and a great way to add colour and texture to a room without adding clutter...
These are the little tricks that I try to remember for future reference...
As I do have a lot of odds + ends that need to get off the floor, and out of the way!
A constant problem for an artist who loves to collect things....

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