Wednesday, April 20, 2011

in the box seat!

Well I finally keeping my promise!

A few weeks ago I talked about posting up my images of Greenhouse by Joost. And today I'm turning back the clock a few weeks and giving you my photos of this amazing pop-up restaurant project that happened through February + March...

Looking back now, I cannot believe this sustainable restaurant/bar only closed its doors a few weeks ago! Feels like months! But before I go any further I should give you a little background into this great project.

Greenhouse by Joost is a sustainable, recycled, movable concept, that sees design, food, and reusable+recycled materials all merge to make one great idea. From the shipping storage container that acts as a seated restaurant, to the sustainable glassware and cutlery customers use at the table, to the hanging garden on the exterior walls and the potted garden on the roof that is used by the chefs for their fast and fresh menu.... Greenhouse covers all bases in its quest to demonstrate how we can be more 'green' in our hospitality industry, and create waste-free environments in our cities and homes.

In 2008 Joost Bakker initiated his dream for a sustainable + recyclable restaurant when he set up the first Greenhouse in Melbourne's Federation Square to co-inside with Fashion week. In Perth there is a permanent Greenhouse located in St George's Terrace that has been winning awards since in opened its doors back in 2010.

In the third instalment of this project The Greenhouse travelled to Sydney, and parked itself in The Rocks, in the heart of tourist land right next to the Passenger Terminal! And that is where I strolled to, just a few days before it was due to be dismantled and recycled!

So here are a few of my images from that beautiful sunny afternoon in March. Because of a private function I was not able to shoot inside the space for you. But I hope you like these images just the same...

As you can see from the spray paint... closed for a private function!

But I got this much from the doorway! LOVE the walls and ceiling with their graffiti paint job....

Isn't the hanging wall lovely! So nice to see so much greenery...

Now you can really see the dimensions! It is truly a shipping container and if you go right back to the first shot you can see that one of the exterior orange walls was given a fine art face lift with the use of artist David Bromley's brush!

Ah the view!

Love this shot of spaces opening and closing...

Its like being in a lock-up! But I love how you can see through to the other side and The bridge!

Yes... the sun was indeed shining on that space! And if you would like to see more of the installation of Sydney's Greenhouse, Lucy from The Design Files produced a great video documentary that is great to watch!

And who knows where Greenhouse by Joost will pop-up next??

Somewhere overseas?


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