Monday, April 18, 2011

{ m e a n w h i l e ...}

Back in the studio...

things have been slowly taking shape.

I feel like Ive been neglecting my tiny studio for a little while now, and posting images of far flung places and inspiring spaces. But wedged in-between all of that there have been slow and steady movements in the cobwebs+laundry studio... i.e the space underneath the house that is masquerading as my studio. And it's all for a new exhibition...

I will soon have a work included in a brilliant group exhibition which will open May 6 at Gaffa Gallery. It is called Make_it 2011 and it is our 5th Object Gallery staff show, which is a feat in itself! I cannot believe it is our 5th, and we still love the concept. And, of course, the fact that we can all show together, and in a way, catch up with each other!

The theme this year is 'white', and yes, my personal mantra is colour, colour colour! But if you think about it, white IS colour. Lots + lots of colour that forms light. White light. So I'm safe! phew...

These are a few works that I have been playing with in the last few weeks. There are a few ideas here, so it may look like I'm flying all over the place. But I'm not. Deep down the work are all about white. White light, white space, white concepts.

I LOVE this work above. Its working title is 'theWHITEmanifesto' and it combines my thoughts and feelings, using conventional text and binary text. Layers of pattern.
And layers of tiny cubes of colour. This work feels like a continuation of The Hummingbird series that I worked on last year in The Primrose Studio.
Love the lightness in this drawing. This is just a detail of it.

Have a great Monday everyone. It is a beautiful morning here and I believe I'm heading downstairs for another studio fix, and a date with some wax!

{to be continued...}

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