Monday, April 25, 2011

old tales...

new Rememberings.

It's ANZAC Day today

and its wet...

very wet!

Fitting that its a somber day

for a morning such as this.

Impressively people were out in huge numbers at dawn services

and marches to commemorate the day,

and as I sit here in my tiny room

I thought I would do a quick post,

like I did last year, to share some more

images that I completed when I did a minor in

photography at uni...many moons ago.

I think the image at the top is the most poignant for the day...

Texture...always texture.
I love the roughed up look in this image above,
and remember that I was trying to give a feeling of
scratchy memories and faded moments from within the image,
and a sense of what
is locked in the back of these men's minds...

A few nights ago I watched the new Australian war-time film
Beneath Hill 60.
Did you see it?
Boy, is it a hellish story of World War I in France!
A timely reminder of the futility these battles make
of peoples lives.
Battles that unfortunately still take place today.
When will we learn?
I wonder...

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