Friday, April 8, 2011

s a l a m a n c a .

OK...Today Ive mixed things up a little. Hope you don't mind? I was going to keep to the brief and continue on with the road trip in Tasmania and show you where we went after Launceston. But I felt like leaving those beautiful images for next week!

So today Ive skipped along the road a little and given you some images our first day in Hobart. A place I have never been, but always wanted to! Number one because Ive always wanted to visit the famous Salamanca Saturday markets. But two - and this is just a recent wish - ive wanted to visit MONA, the incredible private museum/gallery that just opened its doors in January. And let me tell you, a trip to Hobart just to see this amazing art space is worth the airfare!!

But Ill get to that story next week!

Today its Salamanca, the markets, and the lovely store that I discovered, named The Maker.

Now how can you go past this display of fresh colour without taking a photo...

This beautiful colonial door/courtyard was in the Salamanca Arts centre and we were lured in by an sound installation that was being exhibited as part of the ten days on the island festival that just finished on the weekend {Apr 3} ... Upstairs in the beautiful big gallery space, there was a fantastic exhibition that I loved called Dis-Covery... a curated group exhibition that was all about island life and our idealised notions of 'romance' on an exotic island. Great show!

Then it was back outside to all the flowers on show in the markets... and these ones were outside on a vendors stall...

... and then in the window display for this lovely shop called The Maker.

It was such a great find that I immediately asked if I could take a few photos for you. Each display was so well thought out, mixing vintage finds with local designer pieces. And the space was in an old arcade in the Salamanca Arts centre.

How great is that old black telephone?

And I loved the red/brown wooden shelves that floated on the back wall...

An old weight scale in the corner... with an old typewriter and those old green tea pots!

So simple and clean that they don't interfere with the lovely artisan pieces...

The building was an old factory I think, so some of the original fittings have been maintained, such as the tracking on the floor and the old wooden beams on the ceiling that have been simple painted white. Danielle from The Style Files blog would love this!

This is the best shot as you can really see the mix of pieces...

The globes are my favourite! And to just add that bit of blue into the all the natural colours in the store just makes it perfect! Well... in my tiny mind it does!

Check it out when you're next in Hobart, and try to time your visit with the markets.

You'll play all day!

The Maker

Shop 005

77 Salamanca Place

Hobart Tasmania 7004

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