Friday, May 6, 2011

e a r t h y .

It's been coldy cold cold here in Sydney in the last few days, and all thoughts have turned to nesting and quietly working indoors. Which is not a bad thing. I know alot of people who relish this time of year, when Autumn mornings are heavenly and the breeze is fresh and restorative. The humidity has gone, along with the long sunny days, and people are looking forward to hearty meals and woollen blankets on their knees...

Unfortunately I am a born and breed summer girl. And so I am already missing the long, hot evenings and the morning swims in the surf. BUT there is something to be said for the season that brings beautiful, rich earthy tones of brown, plum, red and yellow ochre. The trees are already changing their outfits, as the leaves transform into these beautiful shades.

So today I thought I would give you a taste of what I have been focusing on, and the colours that have surrounded me... through choice or design!

How beautiful is this pomegranate?

The tiny pencil drawing is by a friend. You know who you are! I thought it looked lovely in amongst all these earthy colours and textures...

Anyway... I hope you enjoy the weekend, and again, of you are in the city tonight, the opening of Make_it is at 6pm. After the install on Wednesday I can safely say that it is a truly beautiful and inspiring show! Congratulations to all the artists' involved, and to those amazing people who put in so much effort to organise all 27 exhibiting artists'!! crazy big! x

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