Monday, May 9, 2011

autumn gifts...

I was reminded this weekend of one of the most fundamental things in life for happiness...

Give and you shall receive.

Such a simple thing that can require just a hug and a simple smile. For me it went a little bit further than that.... as I made a gift for someone, to give to someone for Mothers Day. {see image above!}

Then I was given a hamper of goodies, which included some of this beautiful multi-coloured embroidery wool, some of which you can see below...

Then I had a surprise conversation from a long lost lecturer from uni, which was kind + thoughtful.... and another lovely surprise.

Then Mother Nature springs a lovely surprise of her own... in the form of these beautiful Autumn coloured leaves which you can see here.

And then today there was a surprise catch up coffee with a friend, on a very cold and wintery day. And that is always a gift.

So all in all it has been an eventful few days. And I also have to say that all these gifts followed on from an amazing opening night at the Make_it exhibition at Gaffa on Friday! Congratulations to all the participating artists' this year! It's a brilliant show with many brilliant pieces! Makes me look forward to next year, and a 6th edition in this series from the Object crew!!

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