Monday, May 2, 2011

toy time... any time.

I think its true to say that I am young at heart.

I may also be touched with a little of the 'peter pan' syndrome...

Maybe... just maybe!

I like to stretch out our notions of child hood and playtime... and I practice my theory by creating in a colourful studio, and leaving my 'grown-up' thoughts at the door. Maybe its denial of the fact that I'm gettin' on in years, but I believe that people that live with that sense of fun, adventure and play in their daily lives are happier, and less stressed with what life tells us we should be focused on... such as mortgages, money, job security, planning for the future, weight issues...and... and..and...

So when I see a home that shares my love of all things creative, fun, nostalgic and whimsical I am immediately inspired. And one home always springs to mind, is the space of Natalie Jeffcott + Nicholas Fitzgerald, owners of the amazing online store Arthurs Circus.

This article comes from Inside Out Magazine circa Sept/Oct 2009, but it still feels fresh today. And why is that? Well because Natalie and Nicholas have filled their home with furniture, toys + memorabilia that are timeless, colourful .... and just plain fun!!

In this shot you can spy their son Arthur who inspired the name of their business. And surrounding him is the most amazing collection of 1950s kitchenalia that I have ever seen! It is perfect! The colours, the linoleum floor, the sense of quirk... it is truly all there! And I LOVE the old cabinet that bares a striking resemblance to one that I co-own with my mate Kylie! {which is a story for another time...}

Love the red racer on the floor! My uncle owns one of these too, and like me, he also shares the theory that you are never too old to play with, and display, a beautifully crafted toy!! But the signs on the kitchen wall, the 1950s blue couch, the cushion fabric made from old advertising logos for flour, all blend together to keep the theme of 'fun' going.

Such a great shot by photographer Sharyn Cairns {who incidentally just completed an amazing shoot in Bathurst with Pia Bijkerk that features this month issue of Country Style.}

The colours in this space are primary and bold which adds to this sense of being 'children's bedroom', but with the addition of beautiful wooden 60s furniture it all becomes alittle more sophisticated yet user-friendly for a family lounge room.

Love the tiny shot of Arthur's room with globes, large wall maps and a train set on the floor! The colours bounce of the white walls and make each piece a stand-out in its own right. For example... the old wooden games that have been hung in multiples on the wall to give texture and pattern to the room. It's not wallpaper. It's much more fun than that!

And its so clever...

This last shot is great too, and again, looks at hanging a collection of objects in multiples to make a wall feature. This time its a grid of framed photographic canvas' that were taken by Natalie and hung in the master bedroom...

Now that's how you have have fun and be inspired from the moment you wake up in the morning... Nothing dull in that!!

If you would like to find Arthur's Circus, Natalie and Nicholas have a market stall at Camberwell Markets every Saturday in Melbourne. And for all of us that are in other places around the globe they also have an online blog/website/store that you can check out here...

Article from Inside Out Sept/Oct 2009. Words by Rachelle Unreich. Photography by Sharyn Cairns.

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Alenka said...

God I love this article! I too fell in love with their space and have this article torn out of the mag and in my inspiration folder. We put the same vinyl flooring in our tiny kitchen and I really wanted to do the odd red, blue, teal square but you have to purchase the colour in a bulk stack of about 50 tiles, when I only needed one of each colour... thanks for posting and reminding me how much I love their place. And thanks for sharing the link to their shop.. dangerous! xox