Friday, April 29, 2011

the salinger request.

Time for a little show + tell.

I hope you don't mind? As you know Ive been happily making these woven bowls in my spare time, and with each unique piece, I get such a kick out of making different colours work with each other. It's another way of colour venting I think! Painting, drawing, knitting, embroidering, printing, clothing and now weaving. Anything and everything is up for some playtime with colour.

So after quietly creating these woven bowls with my own colour combinations in mind, Ive now begun taking other people's requests' with what they would like to see... and buy!

Case in point, this happy little chappie that Ive posted today. It is called 'Salinger's Request' and I'm really excited by what colours I was asked to work with, and how it turned out!

If you would like to commission one from me, please have a look at the tinytrappings store for all the their details, such as what size they are, what materials are used, and how you could use them. And then please email me your colour requests at

They are AUD 35 - and I will ship them anywhere and everywhere for you!

Right! That's enough about me... How are you all?

Well I hope and looking forward to a great weekend! Enjoy every moment...

And if you experience any sunshine, please bottle a tiny bit of it for me x

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Alenka said...

Wow, gorgeous Michele! You are a lady of many many talents!! I love the colours of this one too & your term 'colour venting' ha!
Ooo what a beautiful present they make! What's the 'turn around time' upon ordering one? Thinking Mothers' Day pressie.. but can always place order and print a pic of this one & pop in a card until her special one is ready. Love them! x