Wednesday, May 18, 2011

white. out.

And so it's over for another year...

On Tuesday afternoon a hand full of us gathered at Gaffa Gallery to pack up works, pull nails out of walls, have a chat and say goodbye to another Make group exhibition. It was beautiful show this year, and everyone exhibited a lovely work under the theme of small + white! But it's funny how these shows come together!

Through emails and calls we somehow gather 26 artists' that have known each other through their association with Object Gallery in Sydney, and ask them to make a work for a two-week exhibition. We don't know what everyone will produce, we don't know what they will look like sitting side by side on the walls and plinths! But somehow they all seem to perfectly fit together in this intricate puzzle, that surprises and amazes us all. Work after work simply slots next to each other, as if we knew what each person was working on in their studios!

It was a great opening and a great show. And for those who were not able to see it in the flesh, Ive posted up a few photos that will give you a small indication of how lovely it all looked. BUT I must make an apology to you first, as these images were difficult to get right.

As their space was dark and very white, with very small white works on the walls, some of these images are not the best quality. I hope you can forgive me and double click on the images you like in order to zoom in and have a better look.

Enjoy the show... Room shot with a close up of Katie Dean's work called Into the woods 2010.

In the backdrop you can see many artworks from room number one.

Works from right to left: Annalyse McLeod with a mixed media work; Chantal Sneddon with her neck piece made of vinyl, 18ct gold, crystal beads + 925 silver; and on the very left is Alex Standen with her ceramic piece entitled Utility 2010....

This is a close up of Alex Standen's piece...

From right to left: Jessica Waal and her photograph But it's what you've down with it 2011, Gabe Clark with a beautiful white photograph entitled Hervey Bay 2011; then there is my mixed media work which you can have a better look at here.... and finally Olenka Fombertaux-Jararweh and her white clay studs on blue canvas called Relics of Bergama 2011.

Three beautiful works... On the far right is Jane Bowring with Beirdermeier doll heads c1880 from Numberg Germany, that were placed on Sterling Silver rings; in the middle is Sarah Sullivan's grey stoneware+porcelain piece entitled Postcard 2011; and then in the distance you can just see the three silver jewellery pieces by Penny Snars.

Detail of Jessica Pages' beautiful neck piece entitled Uncomplacent 2011.

Two neck pieces by Mel Young Untitled (Blossom Drop) 2011 on the right, with George Plionis' intricately detailed Sterling Silver neck piece Colony 2011.

Here you can see a close up of Kennie Ward's lovely Magpie study #1 with Sandra Brown's Dragonfly Vessels sitting to her left.

This is a room shot looking from room one into room two... and in the foreground you can see Laura Gamio Raluy's work constructionONwhite 2011.

In one corner sat the beautifully serene glass pieces of Kristy Toepfer called Tide Series 2011.

Another room shot of room one with a close up of Gino Ho's sculptural piece entitled Fuel Tank 2011.

And there you are. Make_it 2011. Now relegated to the shelf but not forgotten. A great 5th installment to a great concept group show that will hopefully be seen again in 2012!

And just before I go I want to apologise to all the artists' that were not visually seen in these shots. Many were lost within my bad indoor photography skills.... and the fact that they were just soooo beautiful in their white skins, that I could not capture them properly and do them justice! x

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