Wednesday, June 15, 2011

off the book shelf...

I was going to call this post... Another brick in the wall... as that title song from Pink Floyd completely sums up my favourite book of the moment, called Walls Notebook by Sherwood Forlee. Well... calling it a book is actually stretching the truth just a touch.

This little find of mine for the bookshelf is actually a notebook that I cannot bring myself to use as it is sooooo brilliant. Filled with images of back lane alley walls, garage doors, and peeling paint on bricks and fences from secret locations around New York, this little book of mine is creative perfection.

Weird I know. Kooky I know. But I LOVE wall textures, graffiti, and tons and tons of colour! And today, when it is stormy, rainy, and windy outside, this book is a type of tonic for my senses that cannot be rationalised!

Each page is filled with colour and texture, with each image apologetically filling the page.

It's rough, it's bold and its totally me. Well not me me... but you know what I mean!

And with something like this, each tiny detail pops out at you like a footnote. Things you would ordinarily walk past without a second glance. Like this architectural wooden window with cornice detail. {Its difficult to make out the cornice detail in my photo, but it is there on the book page...}

Love this shot! Favourite I think. The dark door with all the graffiti attached is such a contrast to the plain warm grey concrete wall sitting beside it...

So my passion for wall textures is well and truly out, and these last two images were sent to me by the lovely Melly, who saw this wall on one of her stroller walks in Dulwich Wall in Sydney and thought of me. awwww...

The rusted metal and bleeding pastel colours are so beautiful and poetic, you would think it was all designed that way...

Love it! Now these are the kinds of overlooked and forgotten urban colours that ordinary get lost within the craziness of life. And sometimes it is nice to stop and take the time to look up at what is there... right in front of us... that is beautiful.

Well... beautiful to some of us anyway!

Wall Notebook by Sherwood Forlee. Published by Quirk Books in Philadelphia, USA.

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