Friday, June 17, 2011

the birds... the birds...

How lucky have I been? In the last few months I have had some studio visits from some very lovely and creative people all wanting to sit in my 'cobwebs + laundry studio' to chew the fat! I have to admit I have often been embarrassed about people come over for a look, as Ive always been just slightly worried about what they were going to think of my tiny space... But to my surprise Ive been welcomed with some surprising compliments, and requests for drawings to be pulled out and looked at.

One such visit was way back in sunny April, when the lovely Katie with whom I work with at Object, asked if it would be possible to take some photos of the space for a uni research project she was working on. I was a little worried at what she was going to make of it all. But again, to my surprise, she immediately took out her camera and started shooting + shooting.... until an hour had passed and her memory card was full!

Just recently Katie gave me a copy of these images on disc and I thought Id share a few with you now. It's amazing what new insights and perspectives you get when someone else views your space... It makes you rethink, and realise how lucky you are to have a creative space to work in. Play in.

I love all the images you took Katie! Thankyou.

But today it is all about my love of birds in flight.

My hands were in flight too!

All photos by Katie Dean. Again...Thank you for the compliment and the visit!

Have a great weekend everyone and I hope you enjoy some sunny days.

It's beautiful + sunny here in Sydney today... yay! Long may it continue... x

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Katie said...

glad you like the pics! I had a lot of fun in your studio :)