Tuesday, July 12, 2011

blue + red {part two}

It's like I'm going back to basics. Revisiting the classics of the colour spectrum. Red and Blue. Two primary colours, that together create quite a powerful combination. Think about it. Political posters, country flags {with a little white thrown in for good measure}, company logos, school emblem and noticeboards.... again and again our eye is always drawn to the purest of colours that can create harmony..... or even a strobing effect. 
Side by side red and blue can be tricky to play with, and live with, in a sophisticated way. If you choose the light hues and tones it can be a simple way for colour phobes  to start exploring a world filled with creative colourful fun. And if you add texture, pattern or shine to the mix.... it can  be bliss.
Red and blue.
Something so simple and yet filled with possibilities... 
That's a good life lesson for me at the moment actually. Enjoy the simple moments of life in all its uncomplicated forms, and just see how many amazing possibilities open up to you.... x

no 1 - japanese packaging
no 2 - reverse garbage sydney
no 3 - sydney stencil graffiti
no 4 - local colours
no 5 - jewellery collecting in the studio
no 6 - george plionis studio
no 7 - playtime with colour circa 2000

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