Thursday, July 14, 2011

the little red kettle.

After looking at a week of red + blue colour inspiration I realised that there was one more image that I had to share with you. And this one is courtesy of my white bookcase that is absolutely filled with 'stuff'. Not just books. This bookcase carries many pieces, one being the central focus of the whole operation - my red enamel coffee kettle that I fell in love with, years ago, on a trip to Auckland. It was a strange purchase for a holiday. I know. And I know at the time I wrestled with the notion of this piece being an 'essential' purchase. But in the end when you fall in love with something, that's it. No inner 'rational' voice conversations will win the day! PLUS I was in the most lovely second hand basement store on K-Road, which for anyone who knows Auckland is an amazingly long road that is filled with odd stores, art galleries, great cafes and everything else in between.

So this little red kettle was a great find in my eyes and it has always found a place to be displayed... So yes - very rational indeed! Everyone else raise their hands if they have a red enamel coffee pot on their bookshelf? Yeah - I can see all those hands held high from here...not!
I know. The cheese stands alone.

As you can see there is a bit of a blue/red thing happening in the shot too. The little book on the left is by Emma Magenta and its called 'a gorgeous sense of hope: a love fable', and underneath the kettle there is one of my favourite books called 'colourful world'. And hanging on the kettle  there is a little Turkish doll memento given to me my the lovely Olenka... 
So yes. There are many pieces in this shot. 
Some bought, some given, some made and some red! x

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