Friday, July 1, 2011

the gift.

I am always touched when people, out of the blue, drop something in the mailbox for you... A simple gesture that can mean so much. We really do live such crazy, busy lives, that the thought of someone spending the time making/writing/wrapping and then posting something IS a gift in itself. 
I LOVE receiving mail. Call me granny, but receiving something when you least expect, can make a ho-hum day something special. 
This act of kindness happened to me the other day when a lovely person dropped these tiny little Alpaca wool mitts in my mailbox to warm up my forever cold hands. They are from Pitumarca, Peru and were hand knitted by a lovely woman called Isabel. Isabel works with the The Fair Trade organisation Ethica, who provide employment for struggling families in Peru. By training women and then selling their products, the organisation gives women the means to provide food, medicine and education for their families and communities. 
So these tiny mitts - that fit me perfectly and are snugly soft - are providing more than one person the gift to make their lives a little more comfortable.
Great sentiment to start the weekend methinks!
Have a great one...x

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