Monday, July 4, 2011

secret squirrel

knitting pieces 2011

Ive been a busy little bee these last few months but for some reason I haven't been sharing the fruits of my labour with you! Sorry about that... I think Ive been focusing on other projects so much that my tiny knitting pieces had been moved to the back of my mind. I think its because they all working winter pieces and not for sale, or for gifts.
These are things Ive just made for myself and they have been worn again and again throughout this cold winter that we're having in Sydney... Originally the brown textured snood was made for the Japan trip that never was, and I remember saying to myself at the time... 'oh - this will never be used in Sydney! It's too big and heavy for a Sydney Winter...'
How wrong I was! Since then Ive made the wrist warmers and the striped blue snood scarf too.... Glad Ive been industrious from my living room sofa!

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