Tuesday, July 19, 2011

on the bookshelf : kerry johns

I think by now you know a few things about me. Things like: I am a person who loves colour, who loves to go out for long strolls - with a possible gallery or cafe pit stop in the middle, and I am a person who loves anything hand made, tangible, textured and loved by its maker...
One other notable tidbit about me is that I am a collector, which is a nice way of saying hoarder I reckon! I love collecting, as most artists' do, and one collection that has become a great artistic resource over the years for me is my printed artist catalogue and gallery invitation collection. You know what I mean, all the hard copy, full colour exhibition stuff that invariably gets stuck up on a studio mood board...! Each invitation can become a great visual way of keeping track of what's going on in the art world, creating your own little library, or diary, of what you've seen and what you've loved over your year.... and lifetime. 
My collection started when I was a fresh faced art student and I remember trawling all the galleries for anything and everything with images printed on it and given away for free - as getting something for free in the art world was and is a rare treat!
But lately things have changed. 
Ive noticed that galleries and artists' are getting in line with the new digital age we're in and cutting back on all their paper invites, books and catalogues. Instead they are designing and sending out e-invites and newsletters to promote their work.... and it makes me a little sad. 
So when I received this lovely gift the other day by a good friend who saw this exhibition catalogue and thought of me, I was touched. It is a beautifully simple catalogue of Kerry Johns work, which focuses on Australian bush landscape scenes that are colourful, energised and alive with beautiful brushstrokes and marks. 
So yes - I was touched. It is an old school art resource that is a rare specimen to treasure, and saviour, for my own little library collection.... 

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