Wednesday, July 27, 2011

one last brushstroke.

 Lucien Freud
Cy Twombly
Margaret Olley

In the last few months the art world has had to say goodbye to some extraordinary artists'. 
Whether you loved their work or not, there was no denying that Lucien Freud, Cy Twombly and Margaret Olley were extremely passionate people who believed wholeheartedly in their artistic practices, constantly exploring and interpreting their histories, emotions and visions of the world around us.

As you know I love peering into an artists studio.  I am always fascinated to learn of how we each channel our own creative impulses, and see the world as we do. Every one is unique, and by looking at these three images above you can truly see that Olley, Twombly and Freud were unique characters, true to themselves and their own sense of style.

So in remembering an artist I often like to remember them in their favourite and probably most comfortable space in the world...the studio.... sitting, thinking, and working for hours and hours and hours at a time. So here are three images of three passionate, creative souls who have finally left their paintbrushes next to their easels, and walked out of their studios for the last time.

In remembrance....
Lucien Freud (1922-2011)
Cy Twombly (1928 - 2011)
Margaret Olley (1923 - 2011)

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