Monday, August 1, 2011

Enter the lizard.

Monday.... and I morphed into my summer alter ego. The lizard. 
The lizard appears when the body is worn and the weather is hot and sunny. The lizard has a tenancy to move very little and only when she feels a sudden noise or movement right next to her. The lizard does not have a detachable tail, BUT her skin is gettin' alittle old and scaly with the onset of old age. And the lizard is hoping for more beautiful hot weather this week, but is worried that if Winter reappears she will have a hard time readjusting!!

It was beautiful today and I could really smell the new season in the air. I know I know. Its alittle early for Spring but I did see a few buds on the jasmine tree... 

In my sunny stupor I lost track of time and energy so Ill have to leave my post on Mavis Ganambarr's master weaving workshop at the Powerhouse Museum for later this week. But I will say yesterdays workshop was a brilliant experience and it was a privilege to learn new skills from such an amazing artist from The Elcho Islands...
So today ill just post up a detail of my finished piece. 
As my lizard self I found I could still weave and finish off my pandanus bowl.
Amazing.... but true.

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Olenka Fombertaux Jararweh said...

gprgeous hand-woven bowl..well done busy lizard lady xxx big love