Tuesday, August 30, 2011

model for change

How did you like the look of Balls Head Reserve yesterday? Pretty amazing spot to find in the middle of urban Sydney central right?! I am always amazed when I find these locations too, and I'm a born and bred city dweller... Today I'm giving you another look at what this place has to offer. And it is equally spectacular. And I'm not just talking about the view. Balls Point head is also where you can find a sustainable, renewable and creative HQ which the local council officially opened to the public in July. 

And the story goes something like this...
In the 1920s Balls Head Reserve was the site for Sydney's coal loading system where large coal ships or colliers were docked and unloaded of coal which was then redistributed using skips and tunnels to smaller boats for transportation. It was a massive and highly productive operation until the site was closed in the 70s. Since then the tunnels, old wooden wharfs and brick buildings have remained unloved and unused.... that was until a few years ago when the local council received the green light, and the funds, to convert and rejuvenate the area into The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability. Great reinvention for the 21st century don't you think? 
Everything and anything GREEN happens here. Classes in sustainable gardening, recycling of materials, creative workshops, working bees to regenerate the local parkland... and more. They even have chickens who eat all the kitchen waste, and an art studio where you can see Angela working.... 
It is all inspiring... visually, creatively and philosophically....  

Original 1920s coal loading tunnel which is the start of the headland bush walk

beautiful old slate tiles and textures that remain untouched

an old wooden coal skip from the tunnels
that is now a sculpture the sits above the chicken pen

the organic community vegetable garden

a view of Angela's studio with a ton of natural white light

It truly is the best place for a walk, a picnic or a day of drawing. I have my plan of attack all formulated, and will be heading there on another sunny Spring day. I just hope that day is soooon...

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