Saturday, August 27, 2011

Then... and now

Angela Griffiths, Nest 2010, Primrose Park Studios Sydney

I know you can see it in the image above, but can you see it in the image below?
Some of you may remember this image {above} from June 2010 that was quickly taken by me before the opening of The Spirit of Place exhibition at Primrose Park. Angela Griffiths created  this site specific sculpture, called Nest, when we were completing our residencies at the Primrose Studios in the first 6 months of 2010. It was big, and white and had tiny lights at the bottom of it that glowed when the sun went down. It was popular with the locals, so popular in fact, that after our exhibition was completed the piece was granted another 6 month stay in the park courtesy of North Sydney Council. 

Well... yesterday I was given a huge treat. Angela who is completing a new artwork for the 2011 Sculpture by the Sea asked me to come and visit her, and her new studio in an amazing location that Ill talk more about next week. But let me just say it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to... 

While there Angela was able to reveal the new home of her Nest, and as you can see from the photo below, it sits next to a sustainable/ renewable watering hole surrounded by lily pads, wattle trees and ducks! All in the heart of the city! 

Angela Griffiths, Nest 2010, Balls Head Reserve Sydney.
Talk about texture... everything seems to work in unison. Sculpture and nature working side by side.

Needless to say it looks very happy in its new abode!
see you next week
Have a great weekend...

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