Saturday, August 20, 2011

Through the dark night...

....images appear.
As if by magic.
Your eyes adjust to the lack of light
and suddenly you just can make out a tree,
a dusty road, an old rickety fence...
a landscape.

After talking about drawing at night, I remembered that I had completed some old dusty sketches on a drawing trip to Riversdale, the property of Australian artist Arthur Boyd. At the time I thought it a crazy idea. I mean, how on earth do you draw in the dark, let alone hold a pencil and see the paper? But it is amazing what you can see once your vision gets used to the lack of light, and you let go of wanting to see every single detail. It then starts to become liberating as you stop looking for what is there and just feel your way through it. Instead of perfect lines, angles and  perspectives, you pick up a big piece of charcoal and start playing with light and shade....
Fun I tells ya! And when the weather warms up I think I may have to revisit this tiny drawing project!

So ... after a week focused on playing in the dark I swear Ill be back on Monday with more bright sunny colours to celebrate the start of a new week !!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

1 comment:

missjessm said...

If you need a buddy to draw in the night.. I would love to give it a go! Then it won't seem as grim!