Thursday, August 18, 2011

city lights.

Seems fitting to continue on with my night theme today, a theme that has been slowly developing through the week. There is something so beautiful and alluring about the way colours shift and change with the fading light. Whether the light source is natural or artificial, blue or yellow, it is lovely to watch landscapes transform when night starts to fall. And when you add water, like for example, Sydney Harbour, such as in this shot above, you have..... magic. 

I have been so lucky to see, and shoot, some beautiful night scenes over the last week.... and I have been inspired. 
Night drawings.... here we come!

Dusk creating a blue blue sky and a white glow from the disappearing sun.... love it.
Simple + beautiful...

And then there is Sydney Harbour.
Now that is what I had been missing.
Early birthday present indeed!

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