Friday, September 16, 2011

well worn track

It's interesting. 
Why do we always look for the fantastical, the out of the ordinary, the extraordinary, when visually interesting images can be literally right in front of our eyes? Some of the best stuff can be discovered on our well worn walks to and from work, on our dog walks around the park, or right near our local cafe where we pick up the morning coffee. 

Today these images are brought to you courtesy of my ordinary walk...  in my local hood. I just happened to have my camera on me the other day and thought to take some shots that made me look twice, as they offered some really interesting colours, textures and insights.

It is truly all in the detail. We just have to take a closer look. I've always admired Alfred Hitchcock for that. He could create the most amazing film stills from...well...anything! With lighting, a good crop, and a bit of love, attention and imagination Hitchcock could transform our everyday worlds into something....  more.

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