Monday, December 19, 2011

M A D E ... {kind of Christmas}

Amelia's pink bike 2011, printed textile on linen canvas with hand embroidery 

And so this is Christmas... and what have you done...?
I love that song by John Lennon, and it feels so appropriate to start the week off with a tiny tune, as Monday morning is well and truly on its way and my head is swimming with thoughts, lists and memories of what I did.. and didn't do over the last few days! 

It's always the same..... 
We all feel excited at the end of November as the Sun gets warmer, the days get longer, and plans for holidays and trips to the beach take shape. But then.... panic sets in, as December, the month of rush, slowly disappears, and it starts to dawn on you that it REALLY is the end of another year, and all good intentions of sending Chrissy cards, making gifts and seeing friends has suddenly + mysteriously  gone out the window.... along with all your time!

Well.... I'm still trying to stay strong and not succumb to the retail bug... OR text and email Christmas message of joy. I'm makin, bakin and designing this Christmas... and if you would like to join me, Ill be dedicating this week to all things MADE. 
Made by hand... by nature... and made with love. 
And today its all hand made as I go back to embroidery and textile printing with a little birthday/Christmas gift for a good mate called Amelia....

.... and the subject?
Her lovely pink bike that can be often seen around the inner city. It is her calling card and is a splice of sunshine cutting through the very cold, grey and boring city streets throughout the week. It often brings a smile to your dial and is regularly photographed by locals and tourists alike. Last weekend it was the turn of Russell Crowe which is truly hilarious! 
I thought it would make a brilliant textile design and so the project began... 
And this is where it finished. 
With an embroidered touch of pink!

Amelia's pink bike 2011 {detail}

I grant you this little MADE project did take a wee bit longer than an hour to complete, but it could be a great project for a wet summers day over the holidays...? And the way this summer in Sydney is heading, there may be a few more wet days up our sleeves in the coming weeks.

Just as a tiny note: this textile print minus embroidery will soon be available in the tinytrappings store for purchase.... minus embroidery. BUT if you would like to make a special request you can always email me at

See you tomorrow with project for something made nice and....sweet!
PS the song by John Lennon is called Happy Christmas (the war is over), apt for this week too, as it seems that the war is 'officially' over in Iraq with the final U.S. troops pulling out as we speak. 

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memtree said...

wow! looks amazing. what a nice thoughtful handmade pressie! have a great christmas michele!