Monday, January 2, 2012

memories of 2011... pt 3

Mavis Ganambarr weaving workshop as part of Sydney Design, Powerhouse Museum 2011

Something amazing happened in the creative community in 2011, that had nothing to do with art sales... or artists' egos or exhibitions! 
No - the one idea that people truly embraced this year was 'the workshop'. I know this is not a new idea, born out of obscurity. Workshops have existed since men... and women... started to draw and mark on cave walls and weave baskets for gathering food! 

What I'm talking about is the AMOUNT of workshops that sprung up this year... They were EVERYWHERE! Like pop ups... they appeared in festivals, in galleries, in community centres, and everywhere else in between. And it was so so good to see ideas and skills being shared and invested in. From big time artists', to children who were just learning how to colour in,  workshops were open to all age groups, and all cultures, and sub-cultures! 
And I loved every single one that I participated in! 
I taught!

I'm hoping that its a sign of big things to come! 
Bring on 2012... the year of creative sharing!

Master Weaver Mavis giving a demonstration

My first attempt at working with pandanus

Such a beautiful site... Naturally dyed pandanus... all ready to be woven!

From the big institution of the Powerhouse Museum... to  Manly Regional Gallery and a weaving workshop by the amazing Tjampi Women Weavers... that gave a free class as part of their exhibition Kuru Alala: Eyes Open...

From Manly... to Hyde Park and the amazing Happy Talk event as part of Art + About Sydney, October 2011.
Such a fantastic month long event that gave each and every person that walked through the door a chance
to play and get creative with Pacific Island Art....

Sione.... a beautiful person and a beautiful image of him.

It was all about colour, creativity and play!!

And finally to my childrens weaving workshops in the Blue Mountains...
so so amazing on so many levels!

How can you go wrong with all this colour and all this space!

And then receive a gift such as this!

And all begins... here.
From humble beginnings...big things come!

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