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Narrative Knot Catalogue and invitation

Cant beat a beautiful sunny Sydney day in Summer! 
{Geez there were alot of 's' words in that tiny sentence!}
It's true that Australia is known around the world for its hot summer days and city beaches. Bondi, Bronte, Palm Beach are all known for their soft sand, great surf and easy access to the Harbour Bridge. But there is one other place to add to that list -  a beach called Manly. 

Manly is a destination for travellers and locals alike. An iconic beach suburb made famous for its beautiful harbour ferry ride that links the city to the surf. On a day like today its the perfect place to people watch, to catch a wave, and in the case of art nuts like me, see a brilliant ceramic art exhibition that is on now at Manly Art Gallery. 

The Narrative Knot: stories in Ceramics is a beautiful exhibition, curated by South Australian artist Gerry Wedd. Gerry asked 26 artists' to produce a piece for the show that would 'tell a story', a narrative, through the material of clay. 
'Author Peter Goldsworthy writes that stories are a part of our common human nature: all cultures tell the same stories. We have some kind of innate narrative mechanism that is hard-wired into our brains always trying to link things into stories, to connect things, make sense of them by stringing them into narratives. Perhaps the thing that drives us to make objects from clay is a result of this impulse to tell stories...' Gerry Wedd, curator. 
I loved this show by the sea.... It was quiet, detailed and technically brilliant, with each artist representing a different theme, a different story, and a different way of working with clay... 
Here are a few images to give you a taste of how amazing it truly is...

Dr Julie Bartholomew, Endangered Flowers (detail), 2011, porcelain

Lynda Draper, Home Altar, 2010, hand built porcelain, wooden table, framed photo

Ashley Fiona, Four Thousand two hundred and ten, (detail), 2011, hand built porcelain

Fiona Fell + Lyndall Adams, One Night Stack, 2010, porcelain paperclay,
glaze, digital print on acrylic, timber

Deborah Burdett, Short Life, 2011, stained porcelain, black/saggar-fired

Christopher Headley, Solo Tango, 2011, moulded, slip cast, joined white earthenware, customised
ceramic decals, gold lustre

Pru Morrison, Ode to Five Stanzas, (detail), 2011, porcelain, terra sigillata, slip cast, hand built

Steve Davies, Alone Garden Psychopath - pink rabbit with nine cocks, (detail),
hand built porcelain clay, glaze, under glaze stains, oxides, decals, multiple firings
Great catalogue was produced by Manly Art Gallery that includes some great images and artwork

A couple of years ago Manly Art Gallery exhibited a brilliant ceramic exhibition in a similar vein entitled White Heat. It was curated by Dr Julie Bartholomew and also focused on this new breed of contemporary Australian ceramic artist, an artist who is working to change the way we see and think about the ceramic form.

Two years on and Manly has done it again, creating a summer show that begs to be seen by as many people as possible! It will change your perspective on this ancient art form...forever.
Loved it....

Narrative Knot : Stories in Ceramics
Manly Art Gallery
2 December 2011 - 22 January 2012
West Esplanade Reserve Manly
Tues- Sun 10 - 5 pm
Free Entry

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