Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Evolving Home

Does anyone recall what they did BC... Before Christmas? 
I don't.
That time has already become a slurry of partial memories, catch ups and to do lists that resulted in me getting through that time relatively..... intact! It's amazing how a month can suddenly become a 'distant memory' when it was, in actual fact, a couple of weeks ago. Maybe its because I'm now in holiday mode and the summer weather has well and truly arrived?! 
Maybe its because Ive kicked into another gear, a calmer gear, that has a restorative feel?! Maybe its a little from column a and a little of column b!!

All I know is that I have suddenly rediscovered all my holiday activities which include: catching up with friends that I see all too rarely, taking trips to parts of the city I rarely explore... and sittings down to devour a pile of magazines that never got the chance to be look at many months ago...

One such magazine was the Nov/Dec 2011 issue of Vogue Living. I know I had a brief flick weeks ago, but only now am I discovering the feature articles on people such Nicki Townsend... with images that are truly inspiring {for all the colour-philes out there!}  

Nicki Townsend, an Australian Art specialist working at Michael Reid Gallery, lives with her husband Andy Martyr and two children in this colourfully layered home in Sydney, a home that is dotted with so many patterns that it makes me want to sit and study these glossy photos for hours. 

Each room is unique and has its own sense of style that you can only call ... eclectic! There are contemporary paintings by artists such as Ben Quilty, animal sculptures by Tjampi Desert Weavers, and an amazing Tibetan wooden cabinet {that you can see in the image above}....

Nicki has no fear of colourful furniture... Instead she has added to it by layering
colourful textile cushions into the mix from places such as India...

Love that Nicki has painted the inside of the kitchen cabinets a strong green to compliment and contrast with the 'flo' kitchen stools by Patricia Urquiola for Driade ....

Love the yellow textile on the light shade! In this room there is a sense of natural warmth
with the nude and brown colours on the sofa, wicker chair and curtains... and yet there are some beautiful
textiles in the cushions and lamp shade that make the whole effect work.

The family dog... Otis flanked by an amazing sculpture by Linde Ivimey and painting by Patrick

Textured details from the master bedroom....

This is my favourite space... and photo!
Its from daughter Phoebe's bedroom... I love THAT hat collection and how it has been displayed on the mirror.
Coupled with the chair and Afghan basket, this room is so so complex... in the way it has been brought together, and in the huge shifts of colour ways.

And then we come to the cool cool tones of the master bedroom and en suite.
The wall paper in the bathroom is by Florence Broadhurst - giving a nod to the past and adding a very nostalgic effect to the space.

And then we come to the view and the room with a view.
Beautiful and serene... and a perfect way to see how all the colour inside
references all the colour outside... on the beautiful harbour.

'It's all still evolving for me. 
I don't know - how do you know when you finish a house?' - Nicki Townsend
Good question to finish on methinks!

Credits: Vogue Living, Nov/ Dec 2011, pg 174 - 183. 
Written/Produced : Alexandra Gordon, Photographer : Chris Court

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