Friday, February 17, 2012

ready.... set... play!

Children's Street Sculpture workshop at Cockatoo Islands Outpost - street art Festival, November 2011

Oh Friday...
How have you come around so quickly?!
Yesterday was Monday... wasn't it?

The days are flying at the moment and over the last few weeks Ive been keeping myself busy in the studio. Playing. All very serious mind you. No - just kidding. Ive been busy, but Ive been also having fun and taking tiny steps into a new series of artworks for my solo exhibition in June. And before you say... June - oh you have PLENTY of time - remember today is Friday, and like me, Im sure the weeks are flying for you too! 

Now - it's too soon to give a sneak peek at what Ive been up to in my cobwebs + laundry studio space, so I thought I would show you another creative studio space that made my heart skip a beat when I first saw it in November. 

The place was Cockatoo Island and the event was The Outpost street art festival. Yes - that one. Last week I gave you a few of my images from my fantastic day out at Cockatoo Island looking at all the street art that had taken over the place. Well - in one massive warehouse space on that island Daniel Lynch from a collective called Junky Projects ran a children's workshop with street sculpture in mind. 

The concept was to create a sculptural city from discarded + recycled street waste, such as cardboard boxes, old packaging materials, plastic coffee cups and everything else in between.... And as you can see from these images it looks like it was a HUGE success.  All I could think was I WISH I had been able to participate and play in this brilliant playground too.

Its amazing what can be achieved with a little imagination, a bit of glue + coloured paper and some time away from the t.v, phone and computer....
Love it!
I mean really.... this is truly amazing. A recycled city... complete with pink mermaid!

It had streets, cars, buildings...

a red helicopter... and monorail (have a look at the first image...)

bridges... and an Opera House!

Oh i love the creative imagination... 

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